Fri Jun 21 2019

Everyone can Help Protect our Waters

Written by Jim Germain

Remember to practice: Clean, Drain, Dry

If you are:

  • Returning home from out of province
  • Visiting from out of province
  • Moving between waters within Saskatchewan

Please follow these important steps to help protect Saskatchewan waters from invasive species:

Clean and inspect the watercraft, trailer, equipment and all gear that made contact with the water.

  • Remove all visible plants, animals and mud. Scrub/scrape grainy surfaces that feel like sandpaper, as this could be young mussels too small to see.
  • Wash, scrub or rinse using high pressure, hot tap water preferably 50˚C (120˚F) - away from storm drains, ditches and waterways.
  • Inspect the watercraft, trailer and vehicle.

Drain all on-board water from the motor, livewell, bilge, and ballast tanks.

  • Flush with hot tap water away from storm drains, ditches and waterways.
  • Leave plugs out during transport and tilt watercraft when stored to allow the bilge to both drain and dry.

Dry your watercraft, equipment and all related gear completely, preferably for at least five days while leaving compartments open to dry.

Instructions on how to stop invasive species

Remember to dispose of all unwanted bait in the trash. Never release leftover leeches or crayfish, aquarium pets, plants or water into our lakes, rivers or wetlands