Door-to-door distribution to StarPhoenix subscribers.
Approximately 14,000 distributed in Saskatoon
Readable online
Targeted to malls, homes, businesses, doctor and dental offices, libraries, public venues
Ad UnitSizeRate
Full with Bleed8.125" x 10.75"595
Full Framed7.125" x 9.75"595
Half Horizontal7.125" x 4.75"390
Half Vertical3.45" x 9.75"390
1/4 Horizontal7.125" x2.3"295
1/4 Vertical3.45" x 4.75"295
1/6 page3.45" x 3.175"195
1/8 page3.45" x 2.3"150
Back Cover8.125" x 10.75"795
Front Cover - with inside pageTBD
Front Cover BannerTBD
Suddenly Saskatchewan is distributed by the Star Phoenix to all subscribers in Saskatoon, and approximately 2 thousand (depending on content) are distributed rurally as far north as Lac La Ronge, west as Lloydminster, east as far as Foam Lake, and south as Coronach. Issues may be picked up at magazine stands at individual CO-OPs, Safeways and buisnesses in Saskatoon.
Saskatoon Star Phoenix route Saskatoon
Saskatoon Star Phoenix route rural Saskatchewan