Thu Jun 04 2020

Ducks Unlimited Canada has strong roots in Saskatchewan

Written by Suzanne Joyce

Saskatchewan marsh with a machine in the background

Ducks Unlimited Canada has strong roots in Saskatchewan, stretching back to the beginning of the organization in the dustbowl era of the 1930s. Today our more than 3,100 Saskatchewan projects provide habitat for wildlife and recreation areas for people.

Saskatchewan is renowned for having some of the most abundant and productive waterfowl habitat in North America. Situated within the pond-rich Prairie Pothole Region, ducks hatched and raised in our province disperse throughout the entire continent and beyond. Located along a major flyway, close to 70% of the continent's waterfowl migrate through Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan's wetlands and associated upland areas provide other far-reaching natural values too, supporting biodiversity

Wetlands with cows grazing and birds flying
Close to 70% of the continent's waterfowl migrate through Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan whooping crane
Whooping crane standing in grass

Species such as the endangered whooping crane use Saskatchewan wetlands during migration - including species at risk - and storing carbon, preserving water quality in lakes and rivers, and buffering against floods and droughts.

It takes a collaborative approach to conserve these critical wetland habitats, and DUC's work here builds on the spirit of community embodied by the people of Saskatchewan. Working alongside agricultural producers, industry groups, governments, and the public, we strive to ensure wetland values are appreciated and accounted for, and support our partners in achieving a sustainable balance between conservation and development.

Kids with backpacks looking at snails
School kids looking at small aquatic animals in wetlands