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Collaboration is Key: SOSMC

Written by Saskatoon Orthopoedic & Sports Medicine Centre

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Saskatoon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center (SOSMC) is a multidisciplinary health care facility located in the University Heights neighborhood in Saskatoon. The center was established in 2004 as a multidisciplinary orthopedic and sports medicine facility, providing leadership in the areas of orthopedic and sports medicine assessment, management, surgery, rehabilitation and education.

Mike McDine, a SOSMC partner and head of the Bracing and Orthotics department, feels the facilities team approach is critical. “Collaboration is the key, both within our facility, but also in the larger community,” says McDine, “Being able to provide each client with access to the right people and necessary resources in a timely fashion is the goal; whether that be an orthopedic surgeon, a physician, a physiatrist, a physiotherapist, or Xray, ultrasound, bracing, orthotics; We are able to help clients navigate that path.

”SOSMC is home to a comprehensive team of health care professionals. The seven orthopedic surgeons that comprise the Saskatoon Orthopedic Group are based in the facility, as well an Associated Radiologists clinic providing evaluation including Xray and ultrasound. Selk Physical Medicine & EMG Clinic is also on site, providing physical medicine Collaboration is Key: SOSMC Health Care Team & Resources(physiatry) consultations and treatments. Avant Sports Medicine’s Dr Patrick Ling specializes in musculoskeletal ultrasound and sports medicine services, and Dr Johann Kriegler is available for musculoskeletal clinical consults. ZONE Sports Physiotherapy and their skilled team of physical therapists also call the facility home.

In addition, SOSMC provides comprehensive client bracing and custom orthotic services, as well as pre and post-operative support.

“We are fortunate to have a great group of people under one roof,” states McDine, “but we are also fortunate to have collaborative relationships with additional health care team members throughout Saskatoon and in the larger provincial community as well. We see people from all over the province. Connecting them with the people and resources in their home community or region only helps to promote positive outcomes for clients.

Being able to provide each client with access to the right people and necessary resources in a timely fashion is the goal.

”SOSMC is designed to serve the needs of the general community, active individuals, and competitive athletes alike. Client care encompasses acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury, as well as pre and post-operative management.

Assessment of each client’s concern is approached from a global perspective, identifying not only the symptoms, but also the source of the problem, enabling management to address both primary treatment and secondary prevention. Management employs a collaborative team approach centered on the individual needs of each client.

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The objective of the SOSMC team is to provide an exceptional standard of care, and personal attention to each client seeking support and guidance, allowing them to achieve their individual health, fitness and performance goals.

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