Sat Apr 21 2018

Get Free Gardening Help at the U of S

Written by MableAnn Elliott

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There is endless gardening information in books, magazines and online, much of it from other parts of Canada and the rest of the world. Some of this is reliable advice and some of it isn’t – and it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference. Also, gardening conditions in Saskatchewan are different: we have a dry climate, short growing season and soils that are unique to the Prairies. Even good advice from other places sometimes just doesn’t apply here. offers free scientifically-based knowledge to help you garden in a way that is sustainable, good for your family and good for the environment. You can also follow us on Facebook at “Gardening at the U of S” for frequent posts about what’s going on, right now, in the garden.

What happens if you need more help than what is available online? Our long-running Gardenline program welcomes questions from home gardeners. From May to August every summer, anyone can call, email or visit Gardenline to talk about home gardening. Ask about anything at all. Are you having soil problems? We can figure out what the root of the problem is and explain how to fix it. Want to know the name of that plant growing at the cottage? We can help identify it. Are you new to gardening? We love new gardeners best of all and do our best to take the mystery out of growing healthy plants and produce.

Man gardening tomatos outside the U of S agriculture builing

Gardening is about more than just food and flowers – it’s also about connecting to nature and growing community. Join a free class or educational tour to meet fellow gardeners from all walks of life who are enthusiastic to share their experience. We also offer inexpensive evening and weekend workshops taught by highly trained experts who are passionate about teaching.

We are gardeners too so we understand how important it is to get your hands in the soil and grow.

Our long-running Gardenline program welcomes questions from home gardeners. also collects volunteer opportunities from non-profit agencies in Saskatoon and beyond. While many of our volunteer opportunities are with non-profit organizations like Ag in the Classroom or Ronald McDonald House, some of our requests also come from physically disabled or senior members in our community. These are every bit as important — having some extra help in the yard may be just what they need to stay independently living in their own homes so you really can make a big difference! While we don’t mow lawns, prune large trees or clean gutters, if you belong to a non-profit organization or are an individual who physically cannot garden on your own, we will try to get you the help you need.

Next time you have a query about home gardening or want to get involved in your garden community, look us up at We’re happy to help.

AgBio discovery camps collage of a cow, a plant, and a kid

AgBio Discovery Camps

Explore just how much fun agriculture can be! Experience a week of interactive science experiments, animal care and activities centred around agriculture. Camps open to kids entering grades 3–6 this fall.

The AgBio Discovery Program introduces children to agriculture and sparks interest in the diverse opportunities the field of agriculture has to offer. Our young scholars gain knowledge of how crops are grown, learn about the environment, interact with farm animals and experience food-product development.

For more information and to register, visit AgBio Discovery Program under community outreach tab)

For questions, email