Thu Jun 04 2020

Covid Confusion Became an Opportunity to Learn!

Written by Lorna Phillips

British shorthair cat perched on counter top

Many lessons have been dealt to us during this confusion! We were closed March 21 to April 20th. We are not a service that provides life or death care, but if closed too long we are faced with the reality of pets being in dire need. Pet Groomers slip through the cracks. We are not a regulated Government Service, so in Canada there is no qualifying standard for our industry. Anybody can pick up a clipper and take your money; my advice is to seek out a professional Groomer with experience. Organizations throughout North America facilitate groomers to increase their knowledge but are not a government requirement. In Sask. we only had to be closed for 4 days prior to closure in March. The Sask gov. deemed our industry necessary. Some shops opened, some closed.

There are things we have learned during this time: When this started we thought people could look after their dog's needs (ie: Nails, brushing, sanitary trimming etc.). Caring for animals has always been second nature to us and we thought others would adapt easily; we learned otherwise! People need our help with pet care and this makes us very happy for we love caring for people's pets! We also host a Pet Maintenance class where we teach you how to handle your pet through the grooming process.

We have learned our customers missed us as much as we missed them! It is so awesome to see our furry friends and we have changed our procedures for social distancing in order to open for them! People have been kind and accommodating-we are all learning together. Sanitizing and cleanliness have always been our first givenRank and learning some new procedures to handle clients to keep us all safe has added welcome changes.

I learned our business could withstand closure for a short time. I am so grateful to family, staff and friends for always supporting me in building this dream. We are so thankful for our clients, without them we would not be as passionate about always challenging our knowledge and skill level.

The confusion Covid has created has exploded our brains with a myriad of emotions and challenges. Our minds are trying to process all this at lightning speed: Fear of economic future, fear of getting sick or making somebody else sick, confusion of what to touch! To top it all off we are still dealing with life before Covid! A customer of mine once told me, we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. My thought is we are both but have forgotten to just BE! I've decided that I am going to quit thinking all together and implement more being into my doing! What we've learned in 2 months, would have taken us 20 years. If you make the time and use it wisely, you will see this gift as I have. if you don't see it yet, you will.

The universe has handed us a piece of time that has forced us to slow down. I am going to hug my grandchildren, ride my horses at home and afar, lay in the field on a blanket surrounded by nature watching the clouds roll, and sit in the trees close my eyes and just listen, breathe and talk out loud to my Moms Spirit, she lives in the wind! These are things we have always wanted the most.

Take Care and be safe. We are open for business! Call 306-651-3023 if you have any questions check out our facebook page and website.