Tue Jan 21 2020

Don't Let the Hair Take Over!

Written by Lorna Phillips

Beagle, scottish terrier, and shih tzu dogs getting haircuts

We often get asked if dogs should be groomed over the winter. The answer is YES, it is very important to keep up your pet's skin and coat over the cold winter months. Nails and ears need to be kept short and clean on a regular basis.

"Many people do not realize shedding dogs loose most of their coat when daylight hours change."

Double coated shedding dogs (Labs, Pugs, Shepherds etc...) get very packed with undercoat and do not allow the coat to circulate air. This causes a few problems; moisture stays in the coat longer and can cause skin problems. Shedding in your house can be problematic as well, grooming releases all of the undercoat and helps keep the skin and coat healthy. You leave the hair at our shop and take home a nice clean dog! We have special enzyme shampoos dryers and tools that help us to release the coat.

It's a Dog's Life Staff
Staff at It's a Dog's Life

Many people do not realize shedding dogs loose most of their coat when daylight hours change. When the days get shorter and then longer again that is when we see most of the coat change (July, December). Pets that do not shed (poodles, shihtzus , yorkies and everything in between) also need regular winter grooming.

In the winter our furnaces dry out our pets skin, Dogs Life moisturizes every dogs skin and coat to help alleviate dandruff and dry skin. It is a misconception that more coat keeps your pet warm, matted hair actually holds the moisture like a diaper. Keeping your dogs coat short and putting a sweater on is actually warmer than a matted coat we carry all of the top quality products and tools to help make your home hair free and have a clean dog all year long. Call and book your pet's next appointment 306-651-3023.

In the New Year we are providing maintenance classes for pet owners to teach tricks of brushing and dematting their own dogs. If you are interested please call and book for the class. Jan 28th, Feb 25th March 17.

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