Fri Jun 21 2019

Station Arts Summer Production Blow Wind Named a Saskatchewan Gem!

Written by Jim Germain

A poster for the production of Blow Wind by Daniel Macdonald

Blow Wind by Daniel Macdonald premiered at Dancing Sky Theatre in 2018. After seeing this show, we had to have it on our stage this year. Blow Wind is a folksy, whimsical prairie play that is loosely based on the story of King Lear. It is about a family in crisis; 3 siblings must decide what to do with the farm and their mother as her mental health worsens. The play depicts the effects of dementia on the mother and on family dynamics. Blow Wind is a metaphor for the prairie climate that can move from a dark, violent storm to a clear, calm sunny sky in no time - like the ups and downs of those dealing with the changes memory loss brings to a family. Macdonald’s play can make you laugh or shed a tear and it hits close to home in many ways.

There is a lot of music woven into Blow Wind that ads a richness to the story and its characters. Eileen Laverty has written the music for this show and will be working with director Daniel Macdonald, Musical Director Alison Jenkins and the cast to integrate her pieces with the plot. This show is not a musical but Laverty’s music, performed by the actors themselves, ads texture and colour to the story, bringing everything together.

This summer production of Blow Wind will be unique to the Station Arts. Daniel Macdonald is excited to be directing his show and to be working with the talented team brought together for this play. The company includes professional artists from this province and from across the country. We can’t wait to have this Saskatchewan gem on our stage!

Cast and Crew:

KATHLEEN: *Cheryl Jack – Saskatoon, SK

SARAH: Lauren Marshall – Winnipeg, MB

STEPHEN: Cam White – Grand Prairie, AB

TOM: Daniel Knight – Saskatoon, SK

JOLENE: *Michelle Piller – Halifax, NS

DIRECTOR: *Daniel Macdonald



STAGE MANAGER: *Jensine Trondson – Saskatoon SK

SET & LIGHTS DESIGN: Derek Butt – Saskatoon, SK

COSTUME DESIGN: Nicole Zalesak – Saskatoon, SK

TECHNICIAN: Craig Langlois – Prince Albert, SK