Thu Jun 21 2018

Redefine your personal potential

Written by MableAnn Elliot

Practical teachings with horse sense and cowgirl logic, so that everyone can reach an elevated level of potential in all areas of life

About 8 horses running in wheat

My signature approach of uniquely blending psychosomatic in-depth body language and lifestyle awareness along with intuitive horsemanship, focuses on identifying and releasing the dis-ease and internal restrictions that keep you from moving forward in the world, feeling good about yourself, and confident in relationships.

Authentic & Unique....

Are you willing to be genuine? Dare to be transparent and honest about who you really are. Relationships are the greatest teachers. So, it is wise to closely observe every relationship in our lives, including the relationship with oneself. The ability to understand in-depth body language is a significant and natural life skill relevant to all aspects of living a healthy and happy life.

Is everyone and everything in your life aligned and true? Who’s Your Herd? What’s your position in the herd? Who’s Got Your Back?

Using self-awareness as a powerful teaching method toward positive change, this primordial connection of inner guidance makes it possible for you to set the tone for yourself, your environment, everyone and everything around you, so all may flourish.

“Step by Step” ....we must all awaken within us the sense of our soulful heritage, providing ourselves an atmosphere of physical, emotional and spiritual safety, support and wellbeing.

Your body never lies!

Your body is constantly speaking of your inner thoughts and experiences to the outside world whether you understand it, or not. Your body is speaking to you perhaps aching, shouting and crying with dis-ease for your attention. Are You Listening?

What you have seen, voices you heard, emotions you felt and even the things in the background you weren’t aware of, all have an effect on you. Whether painful or joyful, it is worth considering how events have influenced your life patterns and paths you chose to walk. Working together toward healing life’s hurts makes it possible to influence and redefine personal potential, moving away from dis-ease before it settles into disease!

Practical teachings with horse sense and cowgirl logic offer:
  1. Personal and professional development programs for individual and group productivity, team building, sport and performance enhancement through a compassionate understanding of self and others.
  2. All programs and services are personalized and designed to meet the requirements of you, your business and/or group. Working together toward healing life’s hurts, makes it possible to move confidently toward a life with a renewed edge.
  3. My signature “Horses Are For Health Programs” specialize in relationship building where horses provide a unique and remarkable gateway to a positive shift in life perspective so you can move forward in life at the next level.
Horses Are For Health....horses don’t lie.

Through varying degrees of guided observation and interaction with horses individuals and groups are afforded a distinct perspective of self-understanding toward self-empowerment and self-healing. Horses with their naturally keen primordial intuitive instinctive abilities beyond words, assist to demonstrate the response to human energy, body language, non-verbal communication and the shape a person is in.

Sponsors and Hosts are Welcome:

As a company, business and/or personal sponsor you are opening a door to discovering new possibilities that will enhance a person for a lifetime. Your contribution to In-Depth Body Language and Horses Are For Health Programs will be used to support program development and education. With your sponsorship you are supporting health and home, community and our world. Thank you. Program hosts welcome.

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Now is the time to take your life to “The Next Level”. My mission, is to extend a bridge for you to move into a fuller expression of your real authentic self so you can live a peaceful, fulfilling and satisfying life. For more details about my wellness programs or to contact me visit online at: